Thursday, April 3, 2008

Status Report

Several people have asked about some of my earlier posts, so here are a few updates.

Amy, Allen, and Simon
Simon is still not home, but he was transferred to Amy’s parents’ care a couple weeks ago. Though the crisis persists, they are able to see Simon a lot more now and are continuing to trust in the only One who can get them through this. Simon is doing very well. Please continue to pray for a quick resolution (for Simon to be able to come home) and for peace and hope for the family.

Richard and Jennifer
In the wake of losing their first child at three months, this couple has started a new blog "for a new normal."

Angie, Todd, and Audrey
God continues to use Angie through her blog. Nothing has changed as far as the health of Audrey – she still is not expected to survive once she is born. They have a planned C-section scheduled for next Monday, April 7. According to Angie's last update, Selah is going to put a song written for Audrey and several pages about her in the CD insert for their next project. (For those who have not looked at her blog, Todd is one of the two men in the Christian band, Selah. The other members of the band want to do this as a tribute to her.)

Rougher the Snake
A couple weeks ago, the boys decided to move the basketball goal again. Now, you would think a week in captivity would teach even a sesame-seed-brained snake a thing or two, but noooo. Rougher was hanging out under the base of the goal ... again. Yes, he was captured, and even though his sentence was significantly shorter (he was released in a couple hours), he managed to make his mark. As I was showing him to my friend (who was none too impressed, and no, she didn’t want to hold him), he pooped all over my jeans. I only wish I’d gotten a picture.

What’s for Dinner?
I have to give him credit. My dear, saintly husband has not given me any grief about my “great dinner dilemma” post. I did manage to plan a week’s worth of meals and an accompanying grocery list and do a thorough shopping trip. Unfortunately, soon after we had a series of intestinal bugs (see next update) and other distractions that made it hard to keep to the meal “schedule.” We managed to make the dishes with perishable items before anything went bad. I call that a success.

Of Tile and Toilets
e thought we were over the crazy stomach bug. Otherwise I would have waited to remove the toilet and take my personal wrecking crew to the bathroom. Fortunately, we do have another full bath (a half bath wouldn’t have been sufficient, as somehow my son got vomit on the back of his head) so we were able to utilize the toilet and the tub.

As for the bathroom, it is completely tiled and restored to its original setup. Now we can look forward to whatever crisis might make tiling the other bathroom interesting enough to blog about. :-)


  1. Just curious ... after "plan a week’s worth of meals and an accompanying grocery list and do a thorough shopping trip", did you actually start cooking? Just wondered if that had anything to do with the "series of intestinal bugs"??? ;-)

  2. Ohhhhhh ... now that's just low, Thankful! And you think the little winky-face will make it all better, huh. ;-)


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