Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fat Cat

It was intended that we would be the only residents of our village house. However, for much of our Village Living time, we had one other tenant: our waspapa’s cat, “Pieces.” She was a sweet little cat, charcoal gray, and very petite. Until I found out differently, I assumed she was just a kitten, but as it turns out, the pusi (Tok Pisin for “cat”) was three years old.

She spent much time at our place, which, of course, the kids loved. She played with us, slept on our floor, and even ate our food. Typically, once our dinner was finished, she would run off to Papa’s house for a second course.

Soon she was visibly gaining weight, and we began to wonder if maybe the pizza and refried beans (among other things) were adversely affecting her.

But, soon we were able to write another poem:


Pusi, Pusi was a cat.

Pusi, Pusi came and sat

In our house upon a mat.

But soon her stomach was not flat.

We could see her getting fat.

As for the reason we did spat,

But then her belly we did pat

And there were kittens!
How ‘bout that?

Pieces was, indeed, pregnant. We were able to watch the kittens moving and kicking inside her belly, and soon we were wondering if she might have them before we left. We could tell they were a few inches long already.

The kids were praying she would have them before we left.

At our house.

In a box they’d prepared for her.

It was a long shot.

On the last Saturday before we left the village, we were all sitting outside talking after dinner. Our daughter brought Pieces outside, but instead of sitting quietly on her lap as usual, the cat jumped down and went back inside the house.

We could hear her crying in there, which was also unlike her.

Our daughter went in to check on her, and as she entered the house, the cat, who had been sitting at the top of the stairs, turned and went into her box to lie down.

“Mom, she’s acting funny.”

When I checked on her, there was no doubt that she was in labor. I know … I’ve been there. :)

With every contraction, as her belly would swell and harden, she would whimper in pain. Forty-five minutes later a foot emerged. Then a tail. Then the rest of the little black kitten was born.

And we got to watch the whole thing.

For twenty minutes Pieces cleaned the kitten and took care of all of the … er, unpleasant things associated with kittenbirth. Once kitten number one began nursing, labor quickly brought forth kitten number two. They were almost perfect twins of each other, black females with a spattering of gray hairs and a white triangular patch under each of their chins.

What a fun, unexpected blessing to liven up our last five days of village living!

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