Saturday, December 13, 2008


"The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today." ~Margaret Mead

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." ~Proverbs 22:6

"Don't try to make children grow up to be like you, or they may do it." ~Russell Baker


I've heard it's not just a river in Egypt.

This morning I was making muffins, minding my own business, when I overheard a televised conversation that made me smile and feel sad (and slightly nauseous) at the same time. One character (I didn't look to see who) said something about it being another character's birthday and how they should throw him a party. In response, an overly-enthusiastic (yes, I'm using myself as a benchmark), lanky, animated rabbit exclaimed:


I swung around on my heel, whisk in hand, and stared the T.V.

(That's how I know all about the rabbit.)

"Did he just say, 'Carrot-TASTIC?'"


My children were not thrown off by the silliness one bit. I, however, considered throwing up.

But, then it struck me how carrot-tastic it would be if my children loved this stuff forever.

When we figured out that God was calling us to Papua New Guinea, and that (for the most part) Ukarumpa is a "Mayberry" kind of place to grow up, I was thrilled! It won't bother me at all to take my children away from the most of the grow-up-too-fast influences of American culture. Besides, it's obvious that they were made to romp through the tropical hills with half a dozen friends, barefoot and fancy-free. (If you know my kids and their shoe-avoidance techniques, you know what I mean.)

But, now, in preparation for leaving, and because we have nothing else to do, I am tasked with looking for smallish items to take for up to four years of birthday and Christmas gifts for said kids. No, we don't have to, but they do recommend it, as it can be difficult to get things there. I have looked some and even collected a few things, but I find myself waffling between things I know they would like now and having to project into the future to when they are preteen and teenage. (This is where the denial comes in.)

When my daughter was about six weeks old, I naively told my mother, "I wish she could stay this little forever!" Sage that she is, my mother responded, "Then you would never get to enjoy her changing and growing through all of the different stages! No, you don't really want her to stay this way forever." (She didn't even mention it, but eventually I figured out that when babies grow up, there comes a time when you no longer have to change diapers! Now that's carrot-tastic!)

So, yes, I do want them to grow up, but like most parents, I don't want them to grow up too fast. That said, though, what will my fourteen year old daughter want to get for Christmas? And how in the world should I know that when she's nine?

I need some suggestions, friends. My daughter (who currently likes books, crafts, science) will turn 11, 12, 13, and 14 while we are there and my son (who currently likes Legos, and yes, that is all he wants) will turn 8, 9, 10, and 11. Any recommendations you can offer would be great! (But, please don't be offended if, eventually, I delete your comments on this one. My kids sometimes read my blog.)

Thank you in advance for dispensing your knowledge my direction. You're "carrot-tastic!"


  1. Or you can just ask their aunt to mail whatever it is they might want to you. That seems so much easier then trying to look into the future and guess. :) Hey, wouldn't bother me a bit. I lived in Singapore for a year and LOVED getting boxes of things from the states that my grandpa would send!

    It's scary to think Andie will be a teenager in three years. Yikes! I don't want my 6-year-old to get any older, either. Heck, I didn't want my 2-year-old to get any older then 6 months. :( My 4-year-old...I don't mind so much that he gets older, because he gets a little easier with age. :)

    Being done with diapers would be good. I've been buying them straight since February 2002! (And changing them straight since February 2002!)

  2. Thanks, Annie. It will be quite pricey to mail things, and I'm not sure about the reliability, yet, but we'll see.

    Since she didn't post her comment, I'll pass on my friend Nikki's suggestion for those of your who might be interested. It had to do with taking some fabric at the book, One Block Wonders. If you are a quilter, or have wished you could try, you might like to see for a good explanation with examples. It looks pretty cool!

  3. My boys are 8 and 12 now, and they love legos and bionicles still. The younger got a Star Wars lego space ship with over 1000 pieces. He spent several hours a day for four days until he finished it. He is so proud. And of course, they can be disassembled and reinvented over and over.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to say Lukim yu behain, wontok!

  5. Hi Sharon! It's Jessica (Jordan) from SV!! I saw a comment from you on Crystal's blog and wanted to say hi! :) We are bloggers also, so drop by our two blogs from time to time! Hope you are your family are well! :) :) Take care!

  6. Jeremy is doing good. Spending a year in Korea right now. They have a blog as well...
    or you can click on their link on my page...the one that says JT and J-Net. Good to hear from you! :)


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