Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventures in PNG

It’s time for a new blog series.  I anticipate that from time to time I may revisit the “Fun in the Remote Highlands of PNG” theme, but for now, I’d like to move on.


Most days here have some element of adventure.  Everything from experimenting with recipe substitutions, to vehicular encounters with pigs, pooches, people, and potholes.  From enduring showers of all temperatures, to racing home to snag the laundry from the line before the bottom falls out of the clouds.  From caring for the neighbors’ pets, to watching bow-and-arrow-wielding men in conflict.


I’ve been collecting topics, but if you have a suggestion, or something you’re dying to hear about, throw it out there!  Big adventure, or little adventure, I’d love to respond.


Stay tuned.

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  1. Just write we don't care what it is lets us see a glimpse of what God is doing through your family.


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