Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Fortunate

“Action makes more fortune than caution.” ~Charlotte Whitton 

“Your fortune is not something to find but to unfold.” ~Eric Butterworth 

“Good humor is … the direct route to serenity and contentment. ~Grenville Kleiser 


Moving is always more work than you think.


After days of working and feeling like we weren't making much progress, we were just about ready to set fire to our house and all its contents.  It’s not that we lost sight of the reason for moving in the first place, but we were tired and quickly growing less and less concerned with what would become of the piles of stuff that lined every room of our house.


Unwilling to take time out from our fun to prepare a meal, Chinese take out was ordered for lunch.  As we sat on the floor eating Moo Goo Gai Pan, we discussed strategies for enduring the rest of the pack-purge-paint-and-move process.  It was a dismal time.


Then someone passed around the fortune cookies.


Now, we’re not normally superstitious, of course.  Fortune cookies are just for fun, right?  That’s what we thought before my husband opened his cookie.


The air around us decompressed as we all shared a great laugh and attributed to God the placement of that particular “fortune."


Now, a few weeks later, we are in the final days of this phase of our partnership development: asking God to bring together the people He has prepared to join with us in prayer and financial support while we are in Papua New Guinea.  We must have our budget covered in the next few days if we are going to be able to leave in August.  We’re not worried – it is definitely a God-sized task, and he is so much more than able.  But, still … the thought is ever present in our minds.


On Sunday, we had Chinese food again.


My fortune?



How fortunate!


Certainly, without being content in the Lord and where He has me in life, stepping on the soil of many countries would do little more than dirty my feet.


“Alas, if the principles of contentment are not within us, the height of station and worldly grandeur will as soon add a cubit to a man’s stature as to his happiness.” ~Laurence Sterne


“But Godliness with contentment is great gain.” ~1 Timothy 6:6


  1. Glad to see you found the time to update your blog...gave me something to do!!


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