Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My apologies to Robert Frost ...

Whose stuff this is, I think I know.
My house is filled with junk, so
You will not see me stopping here - 
We must finish before we can go.

My little friends must think it queer
To pile things there and pile things here
With not a single piece of furniture around
But stuff in crannies far and near.

I give my sleepy head a shake
To try to keep myself awake.
Packing, painting, and carpet new - 
All progress toward PNG to make.

The mattress is lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have insanity to keep
And piles to go before I sleep.
And piles to go before I sleep.


  1. I love seeing 2 Cor 12:9 across from the title, "Overwhelmed" -- the clear perspective. (And, Mr. Frost should be honored that you borrowed his lines.)

  2. As long as you're not quoting "Bereft" you're still okay.
    You need a countdown ticker!


  3. Looks like you're making good progress though. Will you keep the blog up while you're in PNG? We'll definitely miss you here.

  4. Very nice and messy! You are so clever!

  5. I so know the feeling of those words:"...and miles to go before I sleep."
    May God be your strength to get you through emotionally and physically!


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