Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Forced Domesticity

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet.”  ~Fran Lebowitz

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  ~Doug Larson

“Domesticity has to mean nesting.  Otherwise, six months go by and you don’t know where your underwear is.”  ~Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


Forget Atkins and South Beach.  I'm totally counting on the Papua New Guinea (Ice-cream-closing-in-on-$10-per-half-gallon) diet plan.  

Gone will be the days of purchasing boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Instead, whole (though, thankfully, beheaded and plucked) chickens can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Tortillas, bread, buns, noodles, pitas ... all from scratch.

No more Hamburger Helper, no more taco seasoning packets, no more cake mix. 


No more Sonic.


Though I have talked about it in the past, now I will finally be forced to cook, and even more frightning, plan ahead.

On the suggestion of other Wycliffe members, I have acquired the Mennonite cookbook, More-

With-Less.  At first glance, it's nothing to go wild over; the cover is plain and not particularly appealing.  Grains, legumes, and Swiss cheese create the outline of the Mennonite Central Committee logo ("a cross emptying into action in the form of a dove of peace?") to remind us all that the combination of grains and legumes or dairy and legumes or dairy and grains or ice cream and pizza ... or something like that ... form complete proteins.   

Uh huh.

The inside is filled with tasty morsels of wholesome, organic wisdom in the form of "Puerto Rican Rice and Pigeon Peas," "Soybean Souffle," and "Our-Children-Love-Liver."

Uh huh.


My mouth is watering even as I type.  Oh wait ... that's bile.


But it's all good, right?  'Cause I'm gonna lose weight and we're all going to be healthier.  :)

Three times a week, the national ladies bring their market to the center and for two hours you can feast your eyes on some of the juciest, freshest fruits and vegetables on the planet.  Even things that they themselves would not eat - broccoli, lettuce, etc. - they will grow because they know the missionaries will buy them.  And why wouldn't we, when a can of cut green beans is $2.00 and a huge handful of whole green beans (enough for several cans) costs ten cents?


So we're about to transition into a kind of forced domesticity.  

A few months ago my husband and the kids made tortillas.  And he's been experimenting with

 various kinds of bread

here and there.  Today?  He made granola.  I always thought making granola was pouring it out of the box into a bowl and adding milk and a spoon.   

On second thought, I think I'll let my husband do the cooking.  I’ll be out getting the underwear off the clothes line before I forget where it is.


  1. Ah! Now this brings back memories of the months I spent in the jungle! You are going to be amazed at not only the variety of things you can make, but how delicious it will taste when your spoiled western palate fades.


  2. All I can say is YIKES! And, I believe FORCED is the key word here. I'll move you closer to the top of my prayer list, Sharon. You're gonna need it!

  3. Ha ha!! Thanks S! I know it's true, and honestly, I am looking forward to it! This was my attempt at showing the fact that my husband is still a better cook in a lighthearted way. :)

    Genny, even though I am looking forward to it, I covet the spot near the "top" of your prayer list! :) But, don't worry ... we'll be fine ... even without Sonic (I know that's why this is so horrifying to you! You guys are the reason I used Sonic as my example!) Good news is, I've heard very few stories of people having to eat insects. ;)

  4. By all means, fetch that laundry and enjoy your hubby's cooking. I'll sit back here and enjoy your sense of humor.


  5. Now I thought you had an ice cream maker...yes, I do remember Paul talking about the different kinds he has made.
    I could handle the cooking change but bringing the underwear off the line, that would be a challenge!

  6. I can't wait to read your blog in PNG! I will live happily vicariously! You will have internet access, right? I was laughing out loud! You crack me up!

    I haven't forgotten about being an Ebenezer and your possible trip around NC. Been really busy but will write back. You are an inspiration to me no matter where you are!

  7. I saw this book at the library today. I couldn't bring myself to even take it off the shelf. But, I prayed for you! : )


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