Sunday, September 14, 2008

Progress at the Power-Tool Black Hole

Welcome to my side of the galaxy. Be careful to dodge the debris.

With apologies to those from whom I have borrowed power tools, we am now on our third weekend of this project that really should have taken two days. I skipped last weekend entirely, putting as much distance between the floors and my hormones as possible. Oh, and trying to figure out how to proceed.

To answer your questions, no, I have not pulled out the floor I previously installed, yes, it still moves to some degree, yes, I did try leveling the rest of the floor before I started laying planks, yes, the table saw works beautifully, no, I have not cut off any appendages, yes, I plan to finish the last 200sf of the task before deciding what to do about the first 300sf, yes, this part has many more angles and requires significantly more cutting, no, I will not come help you install your laminate, yes, I will tell you enough so that you can learn from my mistakes, yes, I have tracked Ike for an entire week, yes, I am disappointed that we did not get more of Ike, yes, I am a weather junkie, no, I do not have a long lost cousin named Allison in Cleveland, and yes, I am finished with this post.


  1. Um...deep breath, Sharon, deep breath....

  2. Did I ever mention that I would have helped from the get go? If you don't remember that...or want to slap yourself for not letting me...then I didn't offer :) I'm sure you'll get it done and you'll be surprised how often you'll sit back and say "We did this and you know what, it looks goooood."

  3. tsk tsk...You used to be an English teacher!



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